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Remember the 70s

Top 40 Hits from the "Rollin on the  River" Television Series



Who Died in 1977?

January 02 Erroll Garner, jazz pianist (Misty), dies at 53
January 03 Avraham Ofer, Israeli minister of housing, commits suicide
January 03 Benno Stokvis, Dutch attorney/politician, dies at 75
January 05 Onslow Stevens, actor (Mr Fisher-This is the Life), dies at 74
January 09 Alexey Kozlovsky, composer, dies at 71
January 09 Hal Sawyer, TV host (Sawyer Views Hollywood), dies at 62
January 12 Henri-Georges Clouzot, director (Diabolique, Truth), dies at 69
January 14 Abdul Razak bin Hussain, premier of Malaysia (1970-77), dies at 53
January 14 Ana?s Nin, Cuban/American writer (Delta of Venus), dies at 73
January 14 Anthony Eden, British premier (1955-57), dies at 79
January 14 Peter Finch, actor (Network, Nun's Story, Judith), dies at 60
January 17 Gary Gilmore, executed in Utah, 1st US execution since 1967
January 18 Carl Zuckmayer, German/Swiss/US playwright (Second Wind), dies at 80
January 18 Paul Nordoff, US composer (Frog Prince), dies at 67
January 18 Yvonne Printemps, actress (Paris Waltz, Voyage to America), dies at 81
January 19 Geraldine Brooks, actress (Faraday & Co, Dumplings), dies at 51
January 21 John Vincent, composer, dies at 74
January 21 Zoltan Vasarhelyi, composer, dies at 76
January 23 Bernard "Toots" Shor, barkeeper, dies at 73
January 25 Donald Kerr, actor (Devil Bat, Killer Bats), dies at 85
January 26 Margaret Hayes, actress (Robert Montgomery Presents), dies at 61
January 27 Walter Baldwin, actor (Gay Amigo), dies at 88
January 28 Burt Mustin, actor (All in the Family, Andy Griffith Show), dies at 92
January 29 E P "Buster" Nupen, cricketer (50 wickets for S Af, lost eye), dies
January 29 Freddie Prinze, comedian/actor (Chico & the Man), shoots himself at 22
February 01 Edmond [Moore] Hamilton, US, sci-fi author (Danger Planet), dies at 72
February 03 Pauline Starke, actress (Dante's Inferno, Viking, Sun Up), dies at 76
February 05 Izaak Boleslavski, Russian chess player, dies at 67
February 07 Herman Dooyeweerd, Dutch philosopher/lawyer, dies at 82
February 09 Denys Amiel, French dramatist/playwright (Le mouton noir), dies at 92
February 09 Gaus, an orangautan who lived to be 59
February 09 Sergei Ilyushin, Russian airplane builder (Ilyushin), dies at 82
February 10 Grace Mary Williams, composer, dies at 70
February 11 Louis J M Beel, Dutch premier (1946-48, 58-59), dies at 74
February 13 Jack Gardner, actor (Wild Bill Hickok, 3 Russian Girls), dies at 77
February 17 Quincy Howe, newscaster (CBS Weekend News), dies at 76
February 18 Andy Devine, [Jeremiah Schwartz], actor (Andy's Gang), dies at 71
February 18 Maria Realino, teacher (Botany of Cura?ao), dies at 87
February 18 Ralph Graves, actor (Extra Girl), dies at 77
February 22 Edith Barrett, actress (Molly & Me, Ghost Ship), dies at 64
February 22 Jack O'Connor, cricketer (batted in 4 Tests for England 1929-30), dies
February 26 Bukka White, rocker, dies at 43
February 26 Maxime Jacob, composer, dies at 71
February 27 Allison Hayes, actress (Attack of 50 Foot Woman), dies at 47
February 28 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, comedian (Jack Benny Show), dies at 71
March -- Anthony Nicholls, actor (Tremayne-The Champions), dies at 74
March 03 Percy Marmont, actor (Secret Agent, Lisbon), dies at 93
March 05 Lockrem Johnson, composer, dies at 52
March 05 Moses Pergament, composer, dies at 83
March 08 Henry Hull, actor (Werewolf of London, Boys Town), dies at 86
March 10 E Power Biggs, English organist/composer (CBS), dies at 70
March 10 Pieter Jan Bouman, Dutch sociologist/historian, dies at 74
March 10 Willem Schermerhorn, Dutch premier (1945-46), dies at 82
March 13 Fanie Lou Hamer, freedom fighter, dies
March 13 Jan Patocka, Czech philosopher, dies in prison
March 15 Kamal Joemblat, Lebanese politician, murdered
March 18 Marien Ngouabi, president of Congo-Brazzaville, murdered
March 24 Saburo Moroi, composer, dies at 73
March 27 Diana Hyland, actress (Peyton Place, 8 is Enough), dies at 41
March 27 Eve Meyer, X actress (Immoral Mr Teas), dies in a plane crash at 46
March 27 Lodewijk de Vocht, composer, dies at 89
March 30 Levko Mykolayevich Revutsky, composer, dies at 88
April -- Marion Gering, actress (Sarumba, Rumba, 24 Hours), dies at 75
April 03 Jack Ryder, cricketer (20 Tests for Aust, 1394 runs), dies
April 04 Jeno Zador, composer, dies at 82
April 05 John Marriott, dies at 83
April 07 Siegfried Buback, German FR procureur-genl, murdered attorney-general
April 08 Frank Milan, actor (Witness), dies at 71
April 11 Jacques Pr?vert, French poet (La puil et le beau), dies at 77
April 12 Philip K Wrigley, baseball owner (Chicago Cubs), dies at 82
April 14 Riekus Waskowsky, Dutch poet, dies at 44
April 17 Marjorie Gateson, actress (One Man's Family), dies at 86
April 20 Bryan Foy, director/writer, dies at 80
April 20 Len Johnson, cricketer (one Test for Australia, 3-66 & 3-8), dies
April 21 Gummo [Milton] Marx, US comic (Marx Brothers), dies at 84
April 22 Charles Sanford, orch leader (Your Show of Shows), dies at 71
April 27 Stanley Adams, actor (Lillies of the Field, Thunder Alley), dies at 61
April 28 Ricardo Cortez, actor/director (Bad Company, Flesh), dies at 87
April 30 Clive Martin Douglas, composer, dies at 73
May 05 Ludwig Erhard, German minister of Economic Affairs (CDU), dies at 80
May 07 Irwin Fischer, composer, dies at 73
May 09 James Jones, US writer (Bad Blood, From Here to Eternity), dies at 55
May 09 Walter Kraft, composer, dies at 71
May 10 Joan Crawford, actress (Mildred Pierce), dies at 69
May 22 Gijsbert van Hall, banker/mayor of Amsterdam (1957-67), dies at 73
May 22 Marius Monnikendam, Dutch choir composer, dies at 80
May 26 Jim Boles, actor (Kraft Music Hall, One Man's Family), dies at 63
May 26 William Powell, rocker (O'Jays), dies of cancer at 35
May 28 Jiri Reinberger, composer, dies at 63
May 29 Goddard Lieberson, composer, dies at 66
May 30 Claire Goll, writer, dies at 86
May 30 Paul Desmond, US jazz saxophonist, dies at 52
June 02 Forrest Lewis, actor (Great Gildersleeve, Ichabod & Me), dies at 77
June 02 Henri D Gagnebin, Swiss organist/composer, dies at 91
June 02 Stephen Boyd, actor (Fantastic Voyage, Ben-Hur, Lisa), dies at 48
June 03 Roberto Rossellini, Italian director (Roma citt? aperta), dies at 71
June 05 "Sleepy" John Estes, rocker (Electric), dies at 74
June 06 Sophie Stewart, actress (As You Like It), dies at 69
June 09 Bill Merritt, cricketer (6 Tests of leg-spin for NZ, 12 wkts), dies
June 09 Hans Andreus, [Johan W van de Zant], Dutch poet, dies at 51
June 13 Tom C Clark, former Supreme Court Justice (1949-67), dies in NY at 77
June 14 Alan Reed, actor (Fred Allen)/voice (Fred Flintstone), dies at 69
June 14 Robert Middleman, actor (Barney-Monroes), dies at 66
June 16 Wernher von Braun, rocket scientist (V1/V2), dies at 65 of smoking
June 20 Abner Biberman, actor (Imhook-Kodiak), dies at 68
June 25 Endre Szervanszky, composer, dies at 65
June 25 Petko Staynov, composer, dies at 80
June 26 Lou Reizner, rock vocalist/producer (Rod Stewart, Tommy), dies at 43
June 26 Oskar Morgenstern, German/US economist, dies at 75
June 29 Anton D Hildebrand, children's book writer (Monus), dies at 70
July 02 Vladimir V Nabokov, Russian/US writer (Lolita), dies at 78
July 03 Hugh Le Caine, composer, dies at 63
July 03 Mohammed al-Zahaby, Egyptian minister, murdered
July 06 Oedoen Partos, composer, dies at 69
July 09 Loren C Eiseley, US anthropologist/writer (Animal Secrets), dies at 69
July 10 Norman Paris, orch leader (For Your Pleasure), dies at 41
July 12 Ed Holmes, actor (Growing Paynes, Once Upon a Tune), dies at 66
July 12 Frantisek Suchy, composer, dies at 75
July 15 Konstantin Fedin, writer, dies
July 19 John R Powers, US director model bureau, dies at 80
July 20 Carter De Haven, actor (Courage, Great Dictator), dies at 90
July 20 F G J?nger, writer, dies
July 23 Ren? de Vos, Dutch actor/composer (Jij Bent Mijn Leven), dies at 79
July 26 Gena Branscombe, composer, dies at 95
July 26 Hans-Otto Borgmann, composer, dies at 75
July 26 Karac Plant, son of Robert Plant, dies of respratory failure at 6
July 29 Austin Matthews, cricketer (Test Eng v NZ 1937), dies
July 30 Johanna Andersen-Nex?, wife of Danish poet Martin A-N, dies at 74
July 30 J?rgen Ponto, West German banker, murdered
July 31 Stacy Moskowitz, shot to death by Son of Sam, at 20
August 01 Francis Gary Powers, US U-2 pilot, dies at 47
August 03 Alfred Lunt, actor (Guardsman, Sally of Sawdust), dies at 83
August 03 Makarios III, [Michail Mouskos], archbishop/pres (Cyprus), dies at 63
August 04 Emil Bloch, German philosopher (Principle Hope, Traces), dies at 92
August 05 Charles Carson, actor (Cry the Beloved Country), dies at 87
August 09 Edward Chapman, actor (Promoter, Rembrandt), dies at 75
August 10 Vince Barnett, actor (Star is Born, Human Jungle), dies at 75
August 13 Henry Williamson, English author (Tarka the Otter), dies
August 16 Elvis Presley, rocker, dies of heart ailment/drugs at Graceland at 42
August 18 Tibor D?ry, writer, dies at 82
August 19 Groucho Martin, NYC, comedian (Marx Bros), dies in LA at 86
August 21 Octavus L "Octave" van Aerschot, actor (Scandal in Paris), dies at 87
August 22 Sebastian Cabot, actor (Mr French-Family Affair), dies at 59
August 23 Sebastian Cabot, actor (Giles French-Family Affair), dies at 59
August 26 HA Rey, author of popular constellation book, dies at 78
August 26 Heinz Rottger, composer, dies at 67
August 26 Willis Bouchey, actor (Battle Cry, From Here to Eternity), dies at 34
August 27 George Merritt, actor (I Monster, Canterbury Tale), dies at 86
August 27 Steve Dunne, actor (Professional Father), dies at 59
August 29 Jean Hagen, actress (Dead Ringer, Shaggy Dog, Arena), dies at 54
September 01 Ethel Waters, actress (Beulah)/singer (Stormy Weather), dies at 76
September 06 Guido Pannain, composer, dies at 85
September 06 Paul Burkhard, composer, dies at 65
September 07 Gustave Reese, composer, dies at 77
September 08 Zero [Samuel J] Mostel, US actor (Fiddler on the Roof), dies at 62
September 09 John Breeden, actor (Madame Racketeer, Salute), dies at 73
September 10 Hamida Djandoubi, convicted murderer last to, die by guillotine
September 11 Don Blackman, actor (Old Man & Sea, Desert Legion), dies at 65
September 11 Leonard Carey, actor (Laughter), dies at 90
September 12 Robert Lowell, US poet/pacifist (Near the Ocean), dies at 60)
September 12 Steven Biko, S African black student leader, dies in police custody
September 13 Arthur Fagg, cricketer (5 Tests for England 1936-39/umpire), dies
September 13 Leopold Stokowski, symphonic conductors, dies in England, at 95
September 16 Marc Bolan, rock vocalist/guitarist (T Rex), dies in a car crash at 29
September 16 Maria Callas, American-born prima donna, dies in Paris at 53
September 25 Sidney van den Bergh, Dutch businessman/politician, dies at 78
September 29 Alexander Nikolayevich Tcherepnin, Russian composer, dies at 78
October 11 Mason Gross, professor (Think Fast, 2 for the Money), dies at 66
October 12 Doris Davenport, actress (Behind the News, Westerner), dies at 81
October 14 Bing Crosby, singer/actor (Going My Way), dies of a heart attack at 74
October 15 Ralph Truman, actor (Henry V, Treasure Island), dies at 77
October 16 Michael Balcon, producer, dies at 81
October 17 Robert C "Cal" Hubbard, US baseball player/umpire, dies at 77
October 18 Rolph Grant, cricketer (West Indian capt on 1939 England tour), dies
October 20 Cassie Gaines, rocker (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies in a plane crash at 28
October 21 Ferit Tuzun, composer, dies at 48
October 21 Ronnie Van Zant, singer (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
October 21 Stevie Gaines, guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd Band), killed in plane crash
October 27 James M Cain, US writer (Postman Always Rings Twice), dies at 85
October 30 Ronnie Van Zant, rocker (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies in a plane crash at 29
October 30 Steve Gaines, rock guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies in air crash
October 31 Joan Tetzel, actress (Hell Below Zero), dies at 56
November 02 H E Nossak, writer, dies at 76
November 03 Florence Vidor, actress (Jack Knife Man), dies at 82
November 05 Aleksei G Stachanov, Russian model miner, dies at 72
November 05 Guy Lombardo, orch leader (Auld Lang Syne), dies in Houston at 75
November 05 Ren? Goscinny, French writer (Asterix), dies at 51
November 09 Gertrude Astor, actress (Ship of Wanted Men), dies on 90th birthday
November 14 Richard Addinsell, English composer (Alice in Wonderland), dies at 73
November 18 Victor Francen, actor (J'Acusse, San Antonio), dies at 89
November 20 Maxie Wander, writer, dies
November 22 Reg Perks, England cricket pace bowler (1938-39), dies
November 24 Richard Carlson, actor/director (Little Foxes, Hunted), dies at 65
November 25 Richard Carlson, actor (Col MacKenzie-MacKenzie's Raiders), dies at 65
November 27 John L McClellan, (Sen-D-Ark), dies at 81
November 28 Trevor Bardette, actor (Clanton-Legend of Wyatt Earp), dies at 75
November 29 George Hamilton Combs, TV host (Through the Curtain), dies at 78
December 01 Paul Hardy, Belgian designer (Italian Country, dies at 69
December 04 Leila Hyams, actress (Red Headed Woman, Freaks), dies at 72
December 07 Paul Gibb, cricketer (England batsman, 8 Tests), dies
December 09 Clarice Lispector, writer, dies
December 12 Clementine O Spencer-Churchill (Hozier), British barones, dies at 92
December 18 Cyril Ritchard, actor (Peter Pan), dies at 80
December 18 Louis Untermeyer, poet/critic/TV panelist (What's My Line), dies at 92
December 19 Nellie Tayloe Ross, 1st woman governor, dies at 101
December 22 Johann Nepomuk David, composer, dies at 82
December 24 Harri?t Freezer, Dutch journalist/author, dies at 66
December 25 Charlie Chaplin, actor (Modern Times), dies in Switzerland at 88
December 26 Howard Hawks, director (Rio Lobo, Hatari!), dies at 81
December 26 Ivan Rezak, composer, dies at 53
December 31 Nora Marlowe, actress (Sara-Gov & JJ), dies at 62