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Remember the 70s

Top 40 Hits from the "Rollin on the  River" Television Series



Who Died in 1975?

January 01 Arthur Pierson, actor/director (Hat Check Girl), dies at 73
January 03 Milton J Cross, TV announcer (Met Opera Auditions), dies at 87
January 03 Robert Neumann, Austrian/British author (False Flag), dies at 77
January 03 Walter Linck, Swiss sculptor, dies at 71
January 04 Carlo Levi, Italian writer (Parole Sono Pietre), dies at 72
January 05 Don Wilson, pitcher (Astro), dies at 29 of carbon monoxide poisoning
January 06 Noel Madison, actor (Jitterbugs, Black Raven), dies at 77
January 08 Anthony Warde, actor (Big Punch, Buck Rogers), dies at 66
January 08 Gertrude Olmsted, actress (Cobra, Torrent), dies at 70
January 08 John Dierkes, actor (Red Badge of Courage), dies at 69
January 08 John Gregson, actor (Rooney, Assassin), dies at 55
January 08 Louis J H C A de Bourbon, Dutch writer/poet (Gypsy Blood), dies at 66
January 08 Richard Tucker, [Reuben Ticker], US tenor (La Gioconda), dies at 61
January 09 John Slater, actor (Deadlock, 3 on a Spree), dies at 58
January 09 Pierre Fresnay, French actor (Monsieur Vincent), dies at 77
January 12 Caryn Campbell, Bundy victim, disappears from Snowmass, Colo
January 19 Thomas Heart Benson, US artist, dies at 85
January 20 Franz Andr?, Belgian conductor, dies at 81
January 21 Marie Lohr, actress (Pygmalion, Small Hotel, Escapade), dies at 84
January 22 Klaas Voskuil, Dutch journalist, dies at 79
January 23 Karel Paul van der Mandele, director (Rotterdam Bank), dies at 94
January 24 Larry Fine, actor (3 Stooges), dies at 72
January 25 Vivien Kellems, TV hostess (The Power of Women), dies at 78
January 26 Lubov Orlova, actress (Moscow Laughs, Man of Music, Tanya), dies at 72
January 28 Antonin Nov?tny, Czechoslovakian president (1957-68), dies at 70
January 30 Boris Blacher, German composer (Purloined Letter), dies at 72
February 01 Richard Wattis, actor (Dick & Duchess, Liberace), dies at 62
February 03 John Secondari, newscaster (Open Hearing), dies at 55
February 03 Robert Evett, composer, dies at 52
February 07 Brendan Fay, actor (Hustler, Man on a Swing), dies at 54
February 08 Martyn Green, actor (Gilbert & Sullivan, Mikado), dies at 75
February 09 Constant Burniaux, Belgian art historian (L'amour Vivre), dies at 82
February 13 Dagmar Godowsky, actress (Common Law, Red Lights), dies at 78
February 13 Eric Harding Thiman, composer, dies at 74
February 13 Henry P Van Dusen, US protestant theologist, dies at 77
February 14 Heintje Davids, [Hendrika David], Dutch cabaret artist, dies at 87
February 14 Julian S Huxley, English scholar/dir-gen (UNESCO), dies at 87
February 14 Pelham G Wodehouse, English/US writer (Piccadilly Jim), dies at 93
February 15 Julian Huxley, biologist, dies
February 15 Pelham G Wodehouse, writer, dies
February 18 Chivu Stoica, [Stoica Chivu), premier of Romania (1955-61), dies at 66
February 18 Luigi Dallapiccola, composer, dies
February 18 Raymond Moley, US advisor to pres Roosevelt "Brain Trust", dies at 88
February 18 Syed Nazir Ali, cricketer (2 Tests for India, 4 wickets), dies
February 19 Luigi Dallapiccola, Italian 12-tone composer, dies at 71
February 20 Edgar "Cookie" Fairchild, bandleader (Jerry Colonna Show), dies at 76
February 20 Lillian Fontaine, actress (Suddenly it's Spring), dies at 88
February 20 Robert Strauss, actor (Sgt Gruzewsky-Mona McCluskey), dies at 61
February 24 Nikolai A Bulganin, marshal/premier of USSR (1955-58), dies at 79
February 25 Elijah Muhammad, leader of Nation of Islam, dies in Chicago at 78
February 27 Neville Cardus, writer/cricketer, dies
February 28 Istvan Kardos, composer, dies at 83
March 02 Jean Kurt Forest, composer, dies at 65
March 03 L?szl? N?meth, Hungarian physician/author (Galilei/Iszony), dies at 73
March 07 Ben Blue, actor (Accidental Family, Frank Sinatra Show), dies at 73
March 07 Francine Larrimore, actress (John Meade's Woman), dies at 76
March 08 George Stevens, US director (Swing Time, Gunga Din), dies at 70
March 09 Joseph Dunninger, NYC, mentalist (Amazing Dunninger), dies at 82
March 09 Shirley Ross, actress (Night Vision, Mindkiller), dies at 62
March 10 Leopold Samuel, composer, dies at 91
March 11 Philip Bezanson, composer, dies at 59
March 11 Sammy Spear, orch leader (Dom Deluise Show), dies at 65
March 11 Walter Kinsella, actor (Happy-Martin Kane Private Eye), dies at 74
March 13 Ali Sastroamidjojo, Indonesian attorney/minister/premier, dies at 71
March 13 Ivo Andric, Yugoslavian author (Nemiri-Nobel 1961), dies at 82
March 13 Jean Del Val, actor (Sainted Devil, Flying Deuces), dies at 83
March 13 Ruth Schaumann, German author/painter/sculptor, dies at 75
March 14 Susan Hayward, actress (Young & Willing), dies at 56
March 15 Antonino Rocca, professional wrestler/sportscaster, dies at 49
March 15 Aristotle S Onassis, Greek shipping magnate, dies at 69
March 16 T-Bone Walker, blues guitarist (Funky Town, Well Done), dies at 64
March 19 John A DeMott, dies at 63
March 21 Berend Giltay, composer, dies at 64
March 21 Ralph Hawtrey, economist (multiplier), dies at 95
March 22 Asa Smith Bushnell Jr, Sec of US Olympics (1945-65), dies at 75
March 22 Cass Daley, actress (Red Garters), dies at 59
March 22 Paul Verhoeven, director (Robocop, 4th Man, Total Recall), dies at 73
March 24 Muriel Hutchinson, actor (Another Thin Man), dies at 60
March 24 Oscar Rasbach, composer, dies at 86
March 26 Faisal ibn Abd al-Aziz, king of Saudi-Arabia (1964-75), murdered at 68
March 27 Arthur Bliss, English composer/conductor (Checkmate), dies at 83
March 27 Gertrude Niesen, actress (Start Cheering), dies at 63
March 28 Renzo Massarani, composer, dies at 77
March 30 Peter Bamm, writer, dies
April 01 Eugeen Yoors, Flemish draftsman/glass painter, dies at 95
April 03 Mary Ure, actress (Sons & Lovers, Where Eagles Dare), dies at 42
April 05 Inez Courtney, dies at 67
April 05 Victor GM Marijnen, Dutch premier (1963-65), dies at 58
April 06 Chiang Kai-Shek, Nationalist Chinese leader, dies at 87
April 10 Marjorie Main, actress (Ma & Pa Kettle), dies at 85
April 10 Sophia JW "Sophie" Hermse, actress (But a Dream), dies at 86
April 10 Walker Evans, US photographer (Fortune Magazine), dies at 71
April 11 Dorothy Patten, dies at 70
April 12 Jos?phine Baker, US/French revue artist (Folies-Berg?re), dies at 68
April 13 Larry Parks, actor (Jazz Singer), dies at 60
April 13 N'garta Tombalbaye, president Chad, dies
April 14 Fredric March, actor (Inherit the Wind), dies at 77
April 15 Charles Marshall, dies
April 15 John B McKay, US test pilot (X-15), dies
April 15 Richard Conte, actor (Four Just Men, Jean Arthur Show), dies at 65
April 18 Rob Touber, [Robert J Noordervliet), chansonnier/director, dies at 38
April 21 Jack Allan Westrup, composer, dies at 70
April 22 Mary Philips, actress (Farewell to Arms), dies at 75
April 23 Pete Ham, rocker (Badfinger), commits suicide by hanging himself at 27
April 23 R D Brinkmann, writer, dies
April 23 William Hartnell, actor (Dr Who), dies at 67
April 24 William Hartnell, actor (Jackpot, This Sporting Life), dies at 67
April 27 Nicholas Soussanin, actor (Last Command), dies at 86
April 28 Jan A de Jonge, Dutch historian, dies at 48
April 29 Charles McMahon Jr, US USMC lance corporal, killed in Vietnam
April 29 Darwin Judge, USMC-corporal, 1 of last US soldiers killed in Viet
April 29 Michael John Shea, USMC-lt/pilot, 1 of last soldiers killed in Vietnam
April 29 William Craig Nystul, USMC capt, 1 of last US soldiers killed in Viet
May 03 Samuel Gonard, chairman (International Red Cross), dies at 78
May 04 Moe Howard, [Moses Horowitz], comedian (3 Stooges), dies at 77
May 06 J?zsef Mindszenty, [Joseph Prehm], Hungarian cardinal, dies at 83
May 08 Avery Brundage, CEO (Intl Olympic Committee, 1952-72), dies at 87
May 09 Philip Dorn, dies at 73
May 13 Bob Wills, actor (Lone Prairie), dies at 69
May 16 Michael X, (Abdul Malik), hanged in Trinidad, for murder
May 18 Leroy Anderson, composer, dies at 66
May 20 Barbara Hepworth, sculptor, dies
May 20 Dame Barbara Hepworth, English sculptor, dies in fire at 72
May 20 Jacques Stehman, composer, dies at 62
May 22 Torben Meyer, actor (Viking, Roberta, Sunny), dies at 90
May 23 Jackie "Moms" Mabley, comedienne (Amazing Grace), dies at 81
May 27 Ezzard Charles, heavyweight boxing champion (1949-51), dies at 53
May 28 Eric Emerson, entertainer, dies
May 28 Roy Roberts, actor (Petticoat Junction, Lucy Show), dies at 75
May 30 Michel Simon, actor (Panic, Plague, Two of Us), dies at 80
June 01 Steve Prefontaine, 5K (Olympics-4-1972), dies at 25
June 02 Eisaku Sato, premier of Japan (1964-71 Nobel 1974), dies at 74
June 03 Ozzie Nelson, actor (Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet), dies at 69
June 04 Evelyn Brent, actress (Nitwits, Last Command, Spy Train), dies at 75
June 06 Larry Blyden, actor (Joe & Mabel, What's My Line), dies at 49
June 08 William F Jenkins, author (Time Tunnel, Land of Giants), dies at 78
June 09 David Frederick Barlow, composer, dies at 48
June 11 Floro Manuel Ugarte, composer, dies at 90
June 16 Don Robey, US gospel/impresario/producer, dies at 71
June 18 Faisal Ibn Mussed Abdul Aziz, Saudi prince, beheaded in Riyadh
June 18 shopping center parking lot for killing his uncle the king
June 20 Daniel Ayala Perez, composer, dies at 68
June 21 Heinz Lau, composer, dies at 49
June 23 William Hansen, actor (Homebodies), dies at 64
June 26 Jose Maria Escriv? de Balaguer Alb?s, founder (Opus Dei), dies at 73
June 27 Robert Stolz, Austrian composer (Fr?hling im Prater), dies at 94
June 28 Rod Serling, writer/host (Twilight Zone, Night Gallery), dies at 50
June 29 Jerry Verno, actor (River of Unrest, Ourselves Alone), dies at 79
July 02 James Robertson Justice, actor (DR at Large, Dr om Love), dies at 70
July 06 Otto Skorzeny, German/Austrian SS (Mussolini/Ardennen), dies
July 07 Barbara Brown,
July 07 Vito Frazzi, composer, dies at 86
July 10 Achiel H van Acker, Belgian premier (1945-46, 1954-58), dies at 77
July 11 Kurt Pinthus, writer, dies at 89
July 13 Owen Wynne, cricketer (6 Tests for S Africa 1948-50), lost at sea
July 14 Zutty Singleton, US jazz drummer, dies at 77
July 15 Charles Weidman, US dancer/choreographer (Fables for Our Time), dies
July 17 Modoc, the elephant, dies at age 78 (oldest known nonhuman mammal)
July 18 Federico Ghisi, composer, dies at 74
July 21 Billy West, actor (Jimmy the Gent, Jealousy), dies at 82
July 21 Fie Carelsen, actress (Malle Gevallen), dies at 85
July 26 Leigh Whipper, actor (Hidden Eye, Jungle Queen), dies at 98
July 29 James [Benjamin] Blish, sci-fi author (Star Trek Reader), dies at 54
August 01 Howard Joslin, actor (Quebec, Detective Story), dies at 68
August 03 Ruth Lee, actress (Middleton Family at 1939 World's Fair), dies at 79
August 04 John Baragrey, actor (Gamera), dies at 57
August 08 Julian "Cannonball" Alderly, sax player, dies of a stroke at 46
August 09 Dimitri D Shostakovitch, composer (Sun Over Motherland), dies at 68
August 09 Julian "Cannonball" Adderly, saxophonist/bandleader, dies at 46
August 11 Anthony C McAuliffe, US gen/commandant 101st div (Nuts!), dies at 77
August 11 Howard Wendell, actor (Black Dakotas), dies at 81
August 13 Max Lamberty, Flemish sociologist (What is Culture?), dies at 81
August 14 Joris Baers, Flemish bibliographer (founder Boekengids), dies at 87
August 15 Mujibur Rahiman, Pakistani sheik, killed in a military coup at 53
August 17 Sig Arno, Hamburg Germany, actor (My Friend Irma), dies at 80
August 17 Vladimir Kutz, Russian distance runner (Olympic-gold-56) dies at 48
August 23 Hank Patterson, actor (Fred Ziffel-Green Acres), dies at 87
August 24 Charles H Revson, US cosmetic magnate, dies at 69
August 25 Frans van Amelsvoort, choir conductor, dies at 75
August 25 John R Dunning, US physicist, dies at 67
August 26 Cullen Landis, entertainer, dies at 80
August 27 Emperor Haile Selassie, depossed Ethiopian emperor, strangled at 83
August 29 Eamon de Valera, Irish president (1937..59), dies at 92
August 29 Leland T Weed
August 31 Pierre Blaise, French actor (Lacombe Lucien), dies at 24
September 04 Walter Tetley, cartoon voice (Sherman-Bullwinkle Show), dies at 60
September 06 Rien van Nunen, Dutch actor (Spuit Elf), dies at 62
September 08 John Mylong, actor (Robot Monster), dies at 82
September 09 Ethel Griffies, actress (Billy Liar, Birds), dies at 97
September 09 John McGiver, actor (Patty Duke Show, Jimmy Stewart Show), dies at 61
September 09 Minta Durfee, actress (Keystone Comedies, Mickey), dies at 85
September 18 Pamela Brown, actress (Cleopatra, Beckett, Night Digger), dies at 58
September 20 Saint-John Perse, French diplomat/poet (Nobel 1960), dies at 78
September 22 Franz Salmhofer, composer, dies at 75
September 22 Patricia Doyle, actress (Wuthering Heights), dies at 60
September 23 Ian Hunter, actor/writer (Rockets Galore, Ziegfield Girl), dies at 75
September 24 Clive Morton, actor (Goodbye Mr Chips, Moonraker), dies at 71
September 24 Ian Hunter, actor (Sir Richard-Robin Hood), dies at 75
September 25 Bob Considine, newscaster (Tonight! America After Dark), dies at 68
September 26 Jacob Paludan, Danish pharmacist/writer (Sl�t Sandhed), dies at 79
September 27 Mark Frechette, actor (Zabriskie Point, Uomini Contro), dies at 27
September 28 Agnes Windeck, dies
September 28 Sidney Fields, comedian (Abbott & Costello), dies at 77
September 29 Casey Stengel, NY Yankee manager (1949-60), dies in Glendale at 85
October 01 Al Jackson, rock drummer (Booker T & The MG's), dies at 39
October 02 Wade Crosby, actor (Sign of Wolf, Tales of Robin Hood), dies at 70
October 03 Bauke Tuinstra, Fries notary/writer (Ealse & I), dies at 75
October 03 Guy Mollet, French premier (1956-57), dies at 69
October 04 Joan Whitney Payson, owner of New York Mets, dies at 72
October 06 Henry Calvin, actor (Sgt Garcia-Zorro), dies at 57
October 08 Alberto Hemsi, composer, dies at 78
October 10 Lillian Walker, dies at 88
October 17 Vittorio Gui, Italian composer (Batture d'aspetto), dies at 90
October 18 Al Lettieri, actor (Beautiful but Deadly, Don is Dead), dies at 47
October 22 Arnold Toynbee, English historian/cultural sociologist, dies at 86
October 23 Barboura Morris, actor (Wasp Woman, Machine-Gun Kelly), dies at 43
October 23 Charles Brokaw, actor (Outer Gate, I Cover the War), dies at 77
October 24 Ismail Erez, Turkish ambassador, killed by car bomb in Paris
October 25 Frank Puglia actor (Black Orchid, Jungle Book), dies at 83
October 27 Rex Stout, US detective writer (Nero Wolfe), dies at 88
October 29 John Scott Trotter, orch leader (George Gobel Show), dies at 67
October 31 Joseph Calleia, actor (Jungle Book, Gilda), dies at 78
November 01 Doro Merande, actress (That Was The Week That Was), dies at 77
November 01 Jacki Ray, actor (In Like Flint), dies at 58
November 01 Norbert Rosseau, composer, dies at 67
November 01 Philip James, composer, dies at 85
November 01 Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italian poet/author/director, murdered at 53
November 04 Sheila Ryan, actress(Song of Texas, Great Guns), dies at 54
November 05 Annette Kellerman, swimmer (Million Dollar Mermaid), dies at 87
November 11 Marty May, (Fireball Fun For All), dies at 79
November 12 Anthony Ross, TV host (Telltale Clue), dies at 69
November 14 Max Ackermann, German "entartet" painter, dies at 88
November 15 Willem Scheps, Dutch journalist, dies at 77
November 16 Ernst van Raalte, lawyer/minister-president, dies at 83
November 17 Kay Johnson, actress (Real Glory, Of Human Bondage), dies at 70
November 20 Francisco Franco, [y Bahamonde], Span dictator (1936-75), dies at 82
November 21 G Gunnarsson, writer, dies at 86
November 25 Moyna MacGill, actress (Strange Affair of Uncle Harry), dies
November 27 Ross McWhirter, Guinness Book of Records keeper, murdered
December 01 Nick Kenny, US columnist/songwriter (Nick Kenny Show), dies at 80
December 03 Hugh Thurlow, cricketer (one Test for Australia 1932), dies
December 03 Jacob Kruijt, Dutch sociologist, dies at 76
December 04 Hannah Arendt, German/US sociologist, dies at 69 [or Dec 5]
December 05 Jimmy Nervo, actor (Frozen Limits), dies
December 07 Hardie Albright, actress (Silver Streak, Scarlet Letter), dies at 71
December 07 Thornton N Wilder, US writer (Bridge of San Luis Rey), dies at 78
December 09 William A Wellman, US director (Ox Bow Incident), dies at 79
December 13 Cyril Delevanti, actor (Lucius-Jefferson Davis), dies at 88
December 13 Hendrik Kruls, Dutch gen/chief milt authority (1944-46), dies at 73
December 14 Arthur Treacher, TV announcer (Merv Griffin Show), dies at 81
December 15 Mukhtar Ashrafi, composer, dies at 63
December 17 Frank Sully, actor (Parachute Nurse, Inside the Law), dies at 67
December 17 Noble Sissle, jazz musician, dies at 86
December 20 Vincent Lopez, orch leader (Welcome Aboard), dies at 76
December 20 William Lundigan, Syracuse NY, actor (Climax), dies at 61
December 21 William Lundigan, announcer (CBS Mystery Theater), dies at 61
December 23 Richard S Welch, CIA station chief in Athens, shot dead
December 24 Bernard Herrmann, US movie composer, dies at 64
December 24 Otto AP F?rst von Bismarck-Sch?nhausen, German diplomat, dies at 78
December 25 Gaston Gallimard, French publisher (Library Gallimard), dies at 94
December 31 Donal Michalsky, composer, dies at 47