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Remember the 70s

Top 40 Hits from the "Rollin on the  River" Television Series



Who Died in 1974?

January 02 Tex Ritter, country singer (5 Star Jubilee), dies at 67
January 03 Gino Cervi, actor (Becket, Don Camillo), dies at 72
January 04 Karel Janacek, composer, dies at 70
January 05 Roy Bargy, orch leader (Jimmy Durante Show), dies at 79
January 06 David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mexican sculptor/muralist, dies at 77
January 14 Josef Smrkovsky, Czechoslovakia parliament chairman, dies at 62
January 15 Karel Salmon, composer, dies at 76
January 20 Edmund Blunden, British poet/critic, dies at 77
January 21 Jan Arends, Dutch poet/author, dies at 48
January 21 Ken Viljoen, cricketer (played 27 Tests for S Africa 1930-47), dies
January 21 Lewis L Strauss, head US Atomic Energy Comm (1953-58), dies at 78
January 22 Leon Lontoc, actor (Henry-Burke's Law), dies at 64
January 26 S v Vegesack, writer, dies at 85
January 26 Wiktor Labunski, composer, dies at 78
January 27 Georgios Grivas, Greek gen/oppos leader on Cyprus (EOKA), dies at 75
January 27 Paula Ludwig, writer, dies at 74
January 28 Dino Buzzati, writer, dies at 67
January 30 Bill Whitty, cricketer (37 wkts v South Africa 1910-11 series), dies
January 31 Glenn Morris, olympian/actor (Tarzan's Revenge), dies at 61
January 31 Harry Baum, actor (Crime & Punishment), dies at 58
January 31 Paul Haesaerts, Flemish architect/painter (Flandre), dies at 72
January 31 Roger Pryor, actor (Lady by Choice), dies at 72
January 31 Samuel Goldwyn, Polish/English/US film magnate (MGM), dies at 91
February 01 Lynda Ann Healy, 1st Bundy murder victim, abducted in Seattle
February 01 Marieluise Fleiᥲ, writer, dies at 71
February 02 Jean Absil, Belgian composer (B?n?dictions), dies at 80
February 04 Mihail Andricu, composer, dies at 79
February 07 Arline Judge, actress (Age of Consent), dies at 61
February 08 Fern Andra, dies at 80
February 08 Fritz Zwicky, Swiss/US astronomer (supernova), dies at 75
February 09 Cees de Lange, Dutch conferencier, dies at 60
February 11 Anna Q Nilsson, actress (Toll Gate, Sorrell & Son), dies at 85
February 14 C S Dempster, cricketer (10 Tests for NZ, 723 runs), dies
February 15 Kurt Magnus Atterberg, composer, dies at 86
February 20 David Monrad Johansen, composer, dies at 85
February 23 Florence Rice, actress (Girl in 1313, Carnival), dies at 63
February 27 Pat Brady, Toledo Ohio, actor (Roy Rodgers Show), dies at 59
February 28 Mees Toxopeus, Dutch rescue-vessel captain, dies at 89
March 01 Jos de Haes, Flemish philological/poet (Azuren Holte), dies at 53
March 02 Barbara Ruick, actress/singer (Jerry Colonna Show), dies at 41
March 03 Barbara Ruick, actress (Carousel, Fearless Fagan), dies at 43
March 03 Frank Wilcox, actor (John-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 66
March 04 Adolph Gottlieb, US painter, dies at 71
March 05 Billy DeWolfe, actor (Good Morning World), dies at 67
March 05 Solomon I "Sol" Hurok, US impresario, dies at 85
March 08 Christian van Geel, Dutch poet/sculptor (Spinroc), dies at 56
March 08 Willem "Wim" Sonneveld, Dutch actor (Silk Stockings), dies at 56
March 09 Earl W Sutherland Jr, US pharmacologist (Nobel 1971), dies at 58
March 10 June Harrison, actress (Land of the Lawless), dies at 48
March 10 Quinto Maganini, composer, dies at 76
March 12 Billy Fox, Protestant Dublin MP, assassinated
March 13 Howard St John, actor (Investigator, Dr Lewis-Hank), dies at 68
March 13 Janos Prohaska, actor (Andy Williams Show), dies at 52
March 17 Carroll Nye, actress (Lawless Woman), dies at 72
March 17 Louis I Kahn, Estonia/US architect, dies at about 73
March 18 David C Imboden, actor (King of Kings), dies at 87
March 19 Anne Klien, fashion designer, dies at 51
March 19 Edward Platt, actor (Chief-Get Smart), dies at 58
March 19 Hertha Kuusinen, Finnish communist/daughter of Otto K, dies at 70
March 20 Chet Huntley, newscaster (NBC Huntley-Brinkley Report), dies at 62
March 20 [Lavinia] Marian Fleming Poe, Black US advocate in Virg, dies at 83
March 21 Candy Darling, [James Slattery], female impersonator, dies
March 22 Peter Revson, US race car driver (Indianapolis 500), dies at 35
March 24 Doris Deane, dies at 74
March 24 Yoshida Isoya, Japanese architect (modern sukiya style), dies at 79
March 25 Otto Waldis, actor (Unknown World, Whip Hand), dies at 72
March 28 Dorothy Fields, US singer (Way you Look Tonight), dies at 68
March 28 Fran?oise Rosay, actress (Interlude, Women in Prison), dies at 82
March 29 Seton I Miller, writer, dies at 71
March 30 Ludovicus J Rogier, Dutch historian (Reborn in Freedom), dies at 79
March 31 Andrea Checci, actress (2 Women, Assassin, Black Sunday), dies at 57
April 01 Alfred Ernest Whitehead, composer, dies at 86
April 02 Douglass Dumbrille, actor (Mr Deed Goes to Town), dies at 84
April 02 Georges Pompidou, French president, dies in Paris at 62
April 05 William Hudson, actor (I Led 3 Lives), dies at 49
April 06 Willem Dudok, Dutch architect (Hilversum Town Hall), dies at 89
April 10 Patricia Collinge, dies at 81
April 10 Roger Bastide, French sociologist, dies at 76
April 11 Curt Conway, dies
April 12 Carl Jaffe, dies at 72
April 13 Stanley Smith, actor (Honey, King of Jazz, Soup to Nuts), dies at 71
April 17 Frank McGee, Today show host, dies of cancer at 52
April 17 Herbert Elwell, US composer (Happy Hypocrite), dies at 75
April 17 Vinnie Taylor, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a drug overdose
April 18 Betty Compson, actress (Barker, Weary River, Drag Net), dies at 77
April 18 Marcel Pagnol, French writer/movie (Topaz), dies at 79
April 20 Agnes Moorehead, actress (Endora-Bewitched), dies at 67
April 20 Mohammed Ayub Khan, premier/president (Pakistan), dies
April 24 Bud Abbott, comedian (Abbott & Costello), dies at 78
April 28 Paul Page, actor (Girl from Havanna, Moth), dies at 70
April 30 Agnes Moorehead, actress (Endorra-Bewitched), dies at 67
May 04 Israel Citkowitz, composer, dies at 65
May 04 John Wengraf, actor (Pride & Passion, 12 to the Moon), dies at 77
May 08 Graham Bond, rocker, dies jumping under a train
May 09 Lyubomir Pipkov, composer, dies at 69
May 17 Charles Braswell, actor (Only Game in Town), dies at 49
May 18 Daniel R Topping, US owner (NY Yankees), dies at 61
May 23 Kathleen Cannell, writer, dies
May 24 Duke Ellington, blues singer, dies of cancer at 75
May 25 Donald Crisp, actor/director (Beloved Brat, Dawn Patrol), dies at 91
May 25 Frank Ward, cricketer (4 Tests for Australia 1936-38), dies
May 25 Pam Morrison, wife of Door's vocalist Jim, dies of drug overdose
May 26 Kitty Gordon, entertainer, dies at 96
May 31 Adelle Davis, US nutrionalist (Let's stay healthy), dies at 70
June 02 Elliott Sullivan, actor (Sergeant), dies at 66
June 02 Waldemar F Eric Marx, cricketer (3 Tests S Afr v Aust 1921-22), dies
June 06 Blanche Yurka, actress (Tale of 2 Cities, Cry of Werewolf), dies at 86
June 09 M A Asturias, writer, dies
June 09 Phillip Tead, actor (Lightnin', Fighting Blade), dies at 80
June 10 Henry WFA, English duke of Gloucester/baron Culloden, dies at 74
June 14 Knud Christian Jeppesen, composer, dies at 81
June 17 Pamela Britton, actress (Blondie, My Favorite Martian), dies at 50
June 17 Yadavendra Singh, cricketer (Yuvraj of Patiala, Test for India), dies
June 18 Georgi K Zhukov, Russian marshal/minister of Defense, dies at 77
June 22 Darius Milhaud, French composer (Le boeuf sur le to?t), dies at 81
June 28 Frank Sutton, actor (Sgt Vince Carter-Gomer Pyle USMC), dies at 50
June 30 Alberta King, mother of Martin Luther King Jr, assassinated in church
July 01 Juan D Per?n, president of Argentina (1946-55, 73-74), dies at 78
July 03 John C Ransom, US poet (World's Body), dies
July 04 Mohammed SA al-Hoesseini, Mufti of Jerusalem/pres Com Palestine, dies
July 06 Carlos Isamitt, composer, dies at 87
July 09 Sonia Gaskell, Russian/Neth choreographer (Diaghilev), dies at 70
July 09 Ted Bowley, cricketer (England batsman in 5 Tests 1929-30), dies
July 11 P?r Lagerkvist, Swedish author (Dwarf, Nobel 1951), dies at 83
July 13 Patrick MS Blackett, British physicist (Nobel 1948), dies at 76
July 14 Carl A Spaats, 1st chief of staff of USAF, dies at 83
July 14 Henri Smajda, Tunis/French publisher (Combat), commits suicide at 77
July 17 Jay Hanna "Dizzy" Dean, pitcher (St Louis Cards), dies at 63
July 19 Earl Warren, gov of Calif/Supreme court justice (1953-68), dies at 83
July 19 Joe Flynn, actor (McHale's Navy), dies at 59
July 20 Allen Jenkins, actor (Fugitive from a Chain Gang), dies at 74
July 21 Willem F K Hussem, painter/poet (Steltlopen on Sea), dies at 74
July 22 Edna Lewis Thomas, US actress (Streetcar Named Desire), dies at 88
July 22 Lili Darvas, Hungarian actress (Szerelem, Cimmaron), dies at 68
July 22 Wayne L Morse, (Sen-D-Oregon), dies at 73
July 23 Mary Forbes, actress (Nun-Les Miserables, Ivy), dies at 90
July 24 Chris Chubbock, newscaster, shoots self on air
July 24 Ernest Milton, actor (Julius Caesar, Cat Girl), dies at 84
July 24 James Chadwick, English physicist (Nobel 1935), dies at 82
July 25 Walter Brennan, actor (Real McCoys), dies at 79
July 26 Arthur K Watson, US businessman (IBM), dies at 55
July 26 Charlotte MT "Lotte" Bartschart, actress (Dolle Lola), dies at 82
July 27 Lightning Slim, blues singer (Nothing But the Devil), dies at 61
July 28 Jack Ellis, cricketer (Victorian WK, Ashes tourist 1926), dies
July 28 Truman Bradley, TV host (Science Fiction Theater), dies at 69
July 29 Cass Elliot, singer (Mamas & Papas), chokes to death in London at 32
July 29 Erich K?stner, writer, dies at 75
July 30 Lev Konstantinovich Knipper, composer, dies at 75
August 03 Almira Sessions, actress (Okla Annie), dies at 85
August 08 Baldur von Schirach, German author/nazi politician, dies at 67
August 10 Ilona Massey, actress/singer (Ilona Massey Show), dies at 64
August 10 Ivor Dean, British actor (Theatre of Death), dies at 57
August 10 Pedro Regas, actor (Pat Paulsen's ? Comedy Hour), dies at 92
August 11 Jack Hill, cricketer (3 Tests for Australia 1953-55, 8 wickets), dies
August 11 Vicente Emilio Sojo, composer, dies at 86
August 13 Hugo Yarnold, cricketer (Umpire in 3 Tests for England), dies
August 13 Kate O'Brien, Irish writer (Pray for the Wanderer), dies at 76
August 15 Edmund Cobb, actor (Motorcycle Gang), dies at 82
August 15 Mrs Park Chung Hi, wife of South Korean president, murdered
August 16 Karl E Mundt, (Rep/Sen), dies
August 17 Aldo Palazzeschi, [Giurlani], Italian writer, dies at 89
August 17 Edgar Dearing, actor (Free & Easy, Abraham Lincoln), dies at 81
August 19 ... Davies, US ambassador on Cyprus, murdered
August 20 Ilona Massey, actress (Love HAppy, Holiday in Mexico), dies at 62
August 21 Mascha Kal?ko, writer, dies at 48
August 22 Jacob Bronowsky, British mathematician/cultural historian, dies at 66
August 26 Charles Lindbergh, aviator, dies at 72
August 30 Abraham Schierbeek, Dutch biologist (Leeuwenhoek), dies at 87
September 04 Creighton W Abrams, US general/army staff chief (Vietnam), dies at 59
September 04 Marcel Achard, French dramatist (La forges the Paris), dies at 75
September 06 Olga Baclanova, actress (Freaks, Docks of NY), dies at 75
September 06 Otto Kruger, actor (Lux Video Theater), dies on 89th birthday
September 08 Robert Cox, last surviving member of Keystone Kops, dies at 79
September 09 Sultan Ismail Hajibeyov, composer, dies at 55
September 14 Barbara Jo Allen, actress (Girl Rush, Melody Ranch), dies at 66
September 14 Pieter Y Adriani, Dutch tax lawyer, dies at 95
September 14 Vera Vague, [Barbara Jo Allen], actr (Follow the Leader), dies at 70
September 14 Warren Hull, actor (Strike it Rich, Who in the World), dies at 71
September 18 Edna Best, actress (Key, Calendar, Escape), dies at 74
September 19 Eve March, actress (Adam's Rib, Danny Boy), dies at 63
September 20 Carlyle Blackwell Jr, entertainer, dies at 61
September 20 Robert Herberigs, Flemish composer (La Chanson d'Eve), dies at 88
September 21 Jacqueline Susann, author (Valley of the Dolls), dies of cancer at 53
September 21 Walter Brennan, actor (Real McCoys), dies at 80
September 23 Cliff Arquette, comedian (Charlie Weaver), dies at 68
September 23 Gerhard Nebel, writer, dies at 70
September 23 Robbie Mcintosh, drummer (Average White Band), overdoses at 24
September 25 Coco the Clown, [Nikolai Poliakov], dies
September 25 William Sloane, publisher/writer ("Edge of Running Water"), dies
September 28 Raymond Largay, actor (April in Paris, Variety Girl), dies at 88
September 29 John Smallenbroek, Dutch Internal minister, dies at 72
October 02 Ina Seidel, writer, dies at 89
October 04 Anne Sexton, US poetess (Pulitzer 1967), dies at 45
October 10 Marie Luise Kaschnitz, writer, dies at 73
October 12 Joseph Frederick Wagner, composer, dies at 74
October 13 Ed Sullivan, TV host (Ed Sullivan Show, Toast of the Town), dies at 73
October 17 Ren? A de Rooy, Suriname/Antillean poet, dies at 57
October 24 David Oistrach, Russian violinist, dies at 65
October 29 Victor E van Vriesland, poet (Mirror of Dutch Poetry), dies at 82
November 01 Ralf Harolde, actor (Safe, Framed, Stolen Harmony), dies at 75
November 04 Edgar Fernhout, Dutch painter/son of Charley Toorop, dies at 62
November 05 Stafford Repp, actor (Chief O'Hara-Batman), dies at 56
November 07 Rodolfo Acosta, actor (Passion, Littlest Outlaw), dies at 54
November 08 Ivory Joe Hunter, rocker, dies at 60
November 09 Egon Joseph Wellesz, Austria, composer/musicologist, dies at 89
November 11 Alfonso Leng, composer, dies at 80
November 11 Jane Ace, comedian (Easy Aces), dies at 74
November 12 Charles Quinlivan, actor (7 Guns to Mesa), dies at 50
November 13 Karen Silkwood, killed in a car crash under suspicious circumstances
November 13 Vittorio de Sica, Italian actor/director (Boccacio 70), dies
November 14 Johnny Mack Brown, actor (Lawman is Born, Back Trail), dies at 70
November 15 James Morrison, actor (Don't, Black Beauty), dies on his 86th birthday
November 16 Walther Meissner, German physicist (Meissner Effect), dies at 91
November 17 Clive Brook, actor/director (On Approval), dies at 87
November 21 Frank Martin, Swiss composer (In Terra Fax), dies at 84
November 23 Cornelius Ryan, war reporter/historian (Bridge too Far), dies at 54
November 23 Pall Isolfsson, composer, dies at 81
November 25 Nick Drake, rocker, dies of a drug overdose at 26
November 25 Rosemary Lane, actress (Chatterbox, 4 Wives), dies at 61
November 25 [Sithu] U Thant, UN Sec-General (1961-72), dies in NY of cancer at 65
November 27 Louis B Russell Jr, longest living heart transplant, dies at 49
November 29 Haroldson L Hunt, US multi-millionaire, dies at 85
November 29 Ouida Bergere, scriptwriter, dies at 88
December 01 Lajos Zilahy, Hungarian/US author (Angry Angel), dies at 83
December 01 Stephen Gill Spottswood, US bishop/chairman (NAACP), dies at 77
December 02 Sofie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatte, composer, dies at 72
December 04 Lee Kinsolving, actor (Explosive Generation), dies at 36
December 05 Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman, tennis player (US Open 1909-11), dies at 87
December 05 Henry Wadsworth, actor (Applause, Ceiling Zero), dies at 72
December 05 Pietro Germi, actor/director (Serafino, Climax), dies at 60
December 08 Hugues Panassi?, French jazz saxophonist/author, dies at 62
December 09 George Carew, cricketer (4 Tests for WI between 1935 & 1949), dies
December 09 Jorge Croner de Vasconcelos, composer, dies at 64
December 10 Paul Richards, actor (Dr Thompson-Breaking Point), dies at 50
December 11 Reed Hadley, actor (Racket Squad, Public Defender), dies at 63
December 13 Rufe Davis, actor (Floyd Smoot-Petticoat Junction), dies at 66
December 14 Walter Lippmann, US journalist (One of Dynasty), dies at 85
December 15 Erich Walter Sternberg, composer, dies at 83
December 15 Harry Hershfield, cartoonist (Can You Top This?), dies at 89
December 16 Kostas Varnalis, writer, dies
December 20 Andr? Jolivet, French composer (L'eunuque), dies at 69
December 21 Richard Long, actor (Nanny & Professor), dies at 47
December 22 Fosco Giachetti, entertainer, dies at 70
December 22 Lorraine Gauguin, entertainer, dies at 50
December 22 Richard Long, actor (Prof-Nanny & Professor), dies at 47
December 24 Tilly Losch, actress (Duel in the Sun, Good Earth), dies at 70
December 26 Jack Benny, comedian (Jack Benny Show), dies at 80
December 26 Knudage Riisager, composer, dies at 77
December 26 Robert Levine Sanders, composer, dies at 68
December 27 Amy Vanderbilt, US author (Complete book of etiquette), dies at 66
December 27 Raymond Glenn, actor (Raisin in the Sun, Carmen Jones), dies at 76