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Remember the 70s

Top 40 Hits from the "Rollin on the  River" Television Series



Who Died in 1973?

January 05 Cornelis van Dis, Dutch MP (SGP), dies at 79
January 11 Isabel Randolph, actress (Missing Corpse), dies at 83
January 11 Rudolf Kubin, composer, dies a day after 64th birthday
January 15 Jef Alpaerts, Flemish pianist/conductor, dies at 68
January 16 Ray Barrett, sportscaster (Gillette Summer Sports Reel), dies at 65
January 17 Fred Essler, actor (Unsinkable Molly Brown), dies at 77
January 19 Max Adrian, actor (Boy Friend, Her Favorite Husband), dies at 69
January 20 Amilcar L Cabral, fought for Guinea Bissau independence, murdered 51
January 22 Lyndon B Johnson, president (1963-69), dies at his Texas ranch at 64
January 24 Alan Lisette, cricketer (took 3 wickets in 2 Tests for NZ 1956), dies
January 24 J Carrol Naish, actor (Charlie Chan-Adv of Charlie Chan), dies at 73
January 26 Edward G Robinson, [Goldenberg], actor (Little Caesar), dies at 79
January 26 Meijer Sluyser, Dutch journalist/commentator (VARA), dies at about 71
January 28 John Banner, actor (Schultz-Hogan's Heroes), dies on 62nd birthday
January 29 Johannes Paul Thilman, composer, dies at 67
January 29 Ludwig Stossel, Austrian actor (Man With a Camera), dies at 89
January 30 Jack McGowan, actor (On Our Selection), dies at 54
January 31 Ragnar Frisch, Norwegian economist (Nobel 1969), dies at 77
February 02 Henry J Elias, Flemish historian/mayor of Gent, dies at 70
February 03 Edward Lockspeiser, composer, dies at 67
February 05 George Morrison, dies at 82
February 05 L C William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam, funeral
February 06 Ira S Bowen, US physicist/astronomer (Mt Wilson/Palomar), dies at 74
February 08 Herbie Taylor, cricketer (2936 runs in 42 Tests for S Africa), dies
February 09 Max Yasgur, owner Woodstock-festival farmland, dies at 53
February 11 Hans D Jensen, German physicist (Nobel prize 1963), dies at 65
February 12 Benjamin Frankel, composer, dies at 67
February 15 Tim Holt, actor (Stagecoach, Hitler's Children), dies of cancer at 55
February 15 Wally Cox, actor (Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares), dies at 48
February 16 Pieter Van der Bijl, cricketer (outstanding S Af bat in 1938-39), dies
February 18 Franc Costello, US gangster, dies at 82
February 20 Brigitte Reimann, writer, dies at 39
February 20 Joseph Szigeti, Hungarian/US violinist, dies at 80
February 20 Maurice Dallimore, actor (Collector), dies at 60
February 22 Elizabeth Bowen, Anglo-Irish novelist (Cat Jumps), dies in Lond at 73
February 22 Katina Paxinou, actress (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Zita), dies at 72
February 22 Winthrop Rockefeller, US governor (Arkansas), dies at 60
February 24 Art Smith, actor (Quicksand), dies of heart attack at 73
February 26 Mary Finney, actress (Honestly Celeste), dies at 68
February 27 Lucijan Marija Skerjanc, Yugoslav composer/conductor, dies at 72
February 28 Cecil Kellaway, actor (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner), dies at 78
February 28 Hope Landin, actress (I Remember Mama, Sugarfoot), dies at 79
March 02 Cleo Noel, US ambassador to Sudan, assassinated
March 05 Rupert Crosse, actor (Too Late Blues), dies of cancer at 45
March 06 Paul Klecki/Kletzki, Polish violinist/composer/conductor, dies at 72
March 06 Pearl S[ydenstricker] Buck, author (Good Earth-Nobel 1938), dies at 80
March 06 Vera Fjodorova Panova, Russian author (Sputniki), dies at 67
March 07 Andr? de Meulemeester, Belg WW I pilot [Eagle of Flanders], dies at 78
March 08 Gordon Leggat, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ, 351 runs at 21 93), dies
March 08 Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, rocker (Grateful Dead, Grass Roots), dies at 27
March 10 Richard Sharples, governor of Bermuda, assassinated
March 11 Manuel Rojas Sep?lveda, writer
March 12 Esther Williamson Ballou, composer, dies at 57
March 12 Frankie "Fordham Flash" Frisch, baseball player, dies at 74
March 12 Manuel Rojas Sepulveda, Chilean writer (Hijo de Ladron), dies at 77
March 13 Stacy Harris, actor (NOPD, Doorway to Danger), dies at 54
March 14 Murat B "Chic" Young, US comic strip artist (Blondie), dies at 72
March 15 Carl Benton Reid, actor (Burke's Law), dies at 82
March 16 Carl Benton Reid, actor (Trap, Underwater City), dies at 79
March 16 M Revis, [Willem Fisherman), author (People that Mutiny), dies at 68
March 17 Geertruida M W "Truus" Bakker, Dutch actress (2 Orphans), dies at 81
March 18 Lauritz L H Melchior, Danish baritone/actor (Luxury Liner), dies at 82
March 21 Antoni Szalowski, composer, dies at 65
March 23 Ken Maynard, actor (Phantom Rancher, $50,000 Reward), dies at 77
March 25 Edward Steichen, pioneer of US photography, dies at 93
March 26 George Sisler, hall of famer 1st baseman (257 hits-1920), dies at 80
March 26 Noel Coward, English playwright (Private Letters), dies at 73
March 26 Safford Cape, US/Belgian conductor/composer/musicologist, dies at 67
March 27 Boyan Georgiev Ikonomov, composer, dies at 72
March 28 Hakuun Yasutani, Zen teacher/co-founder (Sanbo Kyodan), dies
March 31 Kurt George Hugo Thomas, composer, dies at 68
April -- Louis Borell, Dutch actor (Over the Moon), dies in Amsterdam at 67
April 01 Arthur Wood, cricket wicket-keeper (England 1938-39), dies
April 07 Nick Stuart, bandleader, dies of cancer at 69
April 08 Pablo (Ruiz y) Picasso, Spanish/French painter (Guernica), dies at 91
April 11 Ted Decorsia, actor (Police Chief Hegedorn-Steve Canyon), dies at 69
April 13 Alexandre A M Stols, publisher/typographer (Schoone Book), dies at 73
April 14 Magda Janssens, Flemish actress (Nederlands in 7 Lessons), dies at 88
April 14 Minna Gombell, dies in Santa Monica CA
April 16 Istv?n Kert?sz, Hung/German conductor (London Symphony), dies at 43
April 20 Robert Armstrong, actor (Fall Guy, Exposed), dies at 82
April 21 Ursula Jeans, actress (Cavalcade, Over the Moon), dies at 66
April 23 Otto Eissfeldt, German old testament scholar, dies at 85
April 26 Irene Ryan, actress (Granny-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 69
April 27 Jim Sims, cricketer (England leg-spinner in 4 Tests 1935-37), dies
April 27 Libbe de Wal, founder of Humanistic Covenant, dies at 72
April 28 Pat Henning, actor (Goodyear TV Playhouse), dies at 62
April 29 Manfred Gurlitt, composer, dies at 82
April 30 Josie Sedgwick, actress (White Moth), dies of stroke at 75
May 02 Alan Carney, actor (Herbie-Take it from Me), dies at 61
May 04 Jane Bowles, writer, dies at 56
May 06 Ernest MacMillan, composer, dies at 79
May 08 Ralph Miller, last 19th century baseball player, dies
May 10 Jack E Leonard, Chicago Ill, comedian, dies at 62
May 10 Loren Tindall, dies of heart attack at 51
May 11 Grigory M Kosinzev, Russian director, dies
May 12 Frances Marion, screenwriter (Pollyanna, Camille), dies at 85
May 15 Willem H Rassers, Dutch cult anthropologist (Pandji-Novel), dies at 95
May 16 A P G?tersloh, writer, dies at 86
May 17 Alexander J Kropholler, Dutch architect/writer, dies at 91
May 18 Jeannette Rankin, 1st Congresswoman (1917-19, 41-43), dies at 92
May 21 Carlo E Gadda, Italian engineer/writer (War Diary), dies at 79
May 21 George Breakstone, actor/director (Great Expectations), dies at 53
May 21 Vaughn Monroe, singer/orch leader (Vaughn Monroe Show), dies at 61
May 23 Athena Lorde, actress (Fuzz, Skin Game, Firecreek), dies at 57
May 26 Jacques Lipchitz, US cubist sculptor, dies at 81
May 28 Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, Germ composer/conductor (Hassan), dies at 73
May 28 Jacques Lipchitz, Polish/French/US art critic sculptor, dies at 81
May 29 Eric Applewhite, entertainer, dies
May 30 Hal Hastings, orch leader (Chevrolet on Broadway), dies at 66
May 31 Albert Egges van Giffen, Dutch archaeologist, dies at 89
June 01 Harvey S Firestone Jr, US tire manufacturer, dies at 75
June 01 Mary Kornman, actress (Desert Trail, Swing it Professor), dies at 57
June 01 Walter Greaza, actor (Leonard-Martin Kane, Treasury Men), dies at 76
June 04 Arna Bontemps, writer (Harlem Renaissance), dies at 72 in Nashville
June 04 Murray Wilson, father of beachboys Brian, Carl & Dennis, dies at 55
June 05 Max Terhune, actor (Range Justice, Night Riders), dies at 82
June 07 Lane Bradford, actor (Dead Man's Gold, Gun Hawk), dies at 50
June 08 Eino Mauno Aleksanteri Linnala, composer, dies at 76
June 10 William M Inge, US playwright (Come Back Little Sheba), dies at 60
June 13 Alvin Derold Etler, composer, dies at 60
June 13 Frantisek Suchy, composer, dies at 82
June 17 Luis Van Rooten, actor (One Man's Family), dies at 66
June 18 Fritz Mahler, composer, dies at 71
June 18 Roger Delgado, actor (Agent 8 3/4, Hot Enought for June), dies at 55
June 18 Willem Vogt, Dutch radio pioneer/founder AVRO, dies at 84
June 19 Roger Delgado, actor (Adv's of Sir Francis Drake, Dr Who), dies at 55
June 21 Frank Leahy, football coach (Notre Dame), dies at 64
June 22 Jacques Leon Wolfe, composer, dies at 77
June 23 Fay Holden, actress (Mother-Andy Hardy films), dies at 77
June 24 Mary Carr, actress (Forbidden Trail, 2nd Wife), dies at 99
June 26 Arnold Richardson, composer, dies at 59
June 26 Ernest Truex, actor (Fluffy, Scared, His Girl Friday), dies at 82
June 27 Earl Browder, leader US Communist Party (1930-45), dies at 82
June 27 Ernest Truex, actor (Pop-Pete & Gladys, Mr Peepers), dies at 73
June 30 Elmer Layden, one of Notre Dame's legendary 4-horsemen, died
July 01 Mario La Broca, composer, dies at 76
July 02 Betty Grable, US actress (How to Marry a Millionaire), dies at 56
July 02 George Macready, US, actor (Martin Peyton-Peyton Place), dies at 73
July 02 Swede Savage, dies of injuries at Indianapolis 500
July 03 Charles Ancerl, Czech conductor (Prague/Toronto), dies at 63
July 04 Leonid Stein, Russian chess player, dies at about 39
July 06 Joe E Brown, comedian, dies after long illness at 80
July 06 Otto Klemperer, German/US conductor, dies at 88
July 06 Patrick McVey, actor (Manhunt, Big Town), dies at 63
July 07 Max Horkheimer, German philosopher/sociologist, dies at 78
July 07 Veronica Lake, [Constance Ockleman], actress (Ramrod), dies at 58
July 08 Wilfred Rhodes, cricketer (4187 1st-class wickets, most ever), dies
July 11 Alexander Vasilyevich Mosolov, Russian composer (Zavod), dies at 72
July 11 Isabel Randolph, actress (Mrs Nester-Our Miss Brooks), dies at 83
July 11 Robert Ryan, US actor (Dirty Dozens, Longest Day), dies at 63
July 12 Lon Chaney Jr, actor (Wolfman), dies after long illness at 66
July 13 Lon Chaney Jr, actor (Hawkeye, Pistols 'n' Petticoats), dies at 67
July 13 Martian Negrea, composer, dies at 80
July 13 Willy Fritsch, German actor (Spies, Women in the Moon), dies at 72
July 14 Clarence White, guitarist (Byrds), killed by a car
July 16 Trijntje "Nine" van de Schaaf, author (Fries dorpsleven), dies at 91
July 18 Jack Hawkins, actor (Ben Hur, Ben-Four Just Men), dies at 62
July 19 Clarence White, rocker (Byrds), killed by drunken driver at 29
July 19 Vasily Dmiotriyevich Shcheglov, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 33
July 20 Bruce Lee, [Lee Yuen Kam], actor (Enter the Dragon), dies at 32
July 21 Russell Hardie, dies after long illness at 69
July 23 Eddie Rickenbacker, WW I fighter pilot, dies at 82
July 23 Marius-Fran?ois Gaillard, composer, dies at 72
July 24 Mary Frasca, singer/actress, dies in NYC
July 26 Mike Burke, Pres (NY Yankees)/dir (Madison Sq Garden), dies
July 28 Royal Butler, actor, dies at 80
July 29 Eileen Percy, silent film actress (Wicked, Backstage), dies at 72
July 30 Erich Katz, composer, dies at 72
July 30 Guy Middleton, actor (Fur Collar, Now & Forever), dies at 65
August 01 Gian Francesco Malipiero, composer, dies at 91
August 01 Walter Ulbricht, pres German DR, dies at 80
August 02 Jean-Pierre Melville, director (Bob Le Flambeur), dies at 57
August 03 Ariantje "Jeanne" Leg, actress (It Vijgeblaadje/It Hippie), dies at 84
August 04 Eddie Condon, jazz guitarist (Eddie Condon's Floor Show), dies at 68
August 06 Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar, dictator Cuba (1940-58), dies at 72
August 07 Jack Gregory, cricketer (scorer of fastest ton Australia 1921), dies
August 09 Charlie Daniels, US swimmer (Olympics-4 gold-1904, 08), dies at 88
August 09 Dean Corll, shot, he raped & killed 26 boys
August 10 Douglas Kennedy, actor (Lone Ranger & Lost City of Gold), dies at 57
August 11 Peggy Castle, actress (Lily Merrill-Lawman), dies of cirrhosis at 46
August 12 John Clay, cricketer (Glamorgan offie in only Test 1935), dies
August 13 Ben van Eysselsteijn, Dutch playwright (Arid Earth), dies at 75
August 16 Selman A Waksman, Russian/US microbiology (Nobel 1952), dies at 85
August 16 Veda Ann Borg, actress (Kid Galahad), dies at 54
August 17 Conrad Aiken, US poet (Pulitzer), dies at 74
August 17 Jean Barraqu?, French composer, dies at 45
August 17 Paul Williams, rocker (Temptations), commits suicide at 32
August 22 Louise Huff, actress (Sea Waif, Caprice, Disraeli), dies at 77
August 24 Billy Greene, actor (Burton-One Man's Family), dies at 76
August 24 Slava Vorlova, composer, dies at 79
August 29 Michael Dunn, short actor (Justine, Boom, Madigan), dies at 38
August 29 Stringer Davis, actress (Mouse on the Moon, Miranda), dies at about 77
August 31 John Ford, US director (Mary of Scotland, Stagecoach), dies at 78
August 31 Raymond Keane, dies at 66
August 31 Stan Worthington, English cricket pace bowler (9 Tests 1930-36), dies
September 02 John R R Tolkien, British story writer (Hobbitt), dies of ulcer at 81
September 06 William H Harris, composer, dies at 90
September 07 Hans Lorbeer, writer, dies at 72
September 09 Samuel N Behrman, US stage/screenwriter (Quo Vardis), dies at 80
September 11 Salvador Allende Gossens, president Chile (1970-73), dies at 65
September 12 Eduard Flipse, Dutch conductor/composer, dies at 77
September 12 Marjorie Post, US philanthropic/multi-millionaire ($200m), dies at 86
September 13 Betty Field, actress (Kings Row), dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 60
September 16 Frederic Meyer, actor (Faraway Hill), dies at 63
September 17 Hugo Winterhalter, composer, dies at 63
September 18 Nora Nicholson, actress (Blue Lagoon, Crow Hollow), dies at 80
September 18 Th?o Lef?vre, premier Belgium, dies
September 19 Bob Gilbert, actor (Never the Twain Shall Meet), dies of hepatitis 75
September 19 Gram Parsons, rocker (Byrds), dies of OD at 26
September 20 Ben[jamin F] Webster, US tenor saxophonist, dies
September 20 Glenn Strange, actor (Sam the Bartender-Gunsmoke), dies at 74
September 20 Jim Croce, vocalist (Time in a Bottle), dies in a plane crash at 30
September 21 Diana Sands, actress (Landlord, Raisin in the Sun), dies at 39
September 21 William CF Plomer, S Afr libretto writer (Curlew River), dies at 69
September 23 A S Neill, British headmaster, dies at at 89
September 23 Manuel Borguno, composer, dies at 87
September 23 Pablo Neruda, [N R R Basoalto], poet (100 Love Sonnets), dies at 69
September 26 Anna Magnani, Italians actress (Roma, Citt? Aperta), dies at 64
September 26 Anton Schnack, German writer/poet, dies at 81
September 28 Mantan Moreland, comedian (Watermelon Man), dies at 71
September 28 Norma Crane, actress (Rayola-Mr Peepers), dies of cancer at 44
September 28 Wystan H Auden, British/US writer (Spain/Platonic Blow), dies at 66
September 29 W H Auden, Vienna poet, dies
October 01 Joe Devlin, actor (Sam-Dick Tracy), dies at 74
October 02 Paavo "Flying Finn" Nurmi, who won 6 Olympic gold medals, dies at 76
October 02 Paul Hartman, actor (Bert-Petticoat Junction), dies at 84
October 06 Arnold Maria Walter, composer, dies at 71
October 06 Dennis Price, actor (VIPs, Pulp, Canterbury Tales), dies at 58
October 06 Sidney Blackmer, actor (Love Crazy), dies of cancer at 58
October 08 Gabriel Marcel, writer, dies
October 10 Albe, [Renaut A Joostens], Flemish writer (Paradise Bird), dies at 71
October 16 Gene Krupa, US swing drummer (Sing Sing Sing), dies at 64
October 17 Ingeborg Bachmann, Austrian poet (Gott von Manhattan), dies at 47
October 18 Crane Wilbur, dir/writer (Bat, Canon City, Yellow Cargo), dies at 86
October 18 Frank Knight, TV announcer (Chronoscope), dies at 79
October 18 Walt Kelly, US comic strip artist (Pogo), dies at 60
October 21 Arabi El Goni, VP/Chad parliament, murdered
October 22 Pablo Casals, Spanish violin cellist/conductor/composer, dies at 96
October 24 Allan "Rocky" Lane, actor (voice of Mr Ed, Red Ryder), dies at 72
October 24 Jack Iverson, cricketer (5 Tests 21 wickets S1024 15 23), dies
October 25 Abebe Bikila, Ethiopian marathoner (Oly-gold 1960, 64), dies at 46
October 25 G Paul H Schuitema, graphically designer/photographer, dies
October 27 Allan "Rocky" Lane, western actor (All's Fair), dies at 64
October 29 Heathcote Dicken Statham, composer, dies at 83
October 30 Ernst-Lothar von Knorr, composer, dies at 77
November 03 Arturo De Cordova, actor (This Strange Passion), dies at 65
November 04 Karl H Waggerl, Austria author (Green Friends), dies at 75
November 04 Marc All?gret, French director (Lady Chatterley), dies at 72
November 10 Stringbean, country singer/comedian/banjoist (Hee Haw), dies at 58
November 11 Stringbean, [David Akeman], banjoist/comedian (Hee Haw), dies at 58
November 13 Bruno Maderna, Italian composer/conductor (Satyricon), dies at 53
November 13 Elsa Schiaparelli, French fashion designer, dies at 77
November 13 Lila Lee, actress (Blood & Sand), dies of stroke at 68
November 16 Alan Watts, writer/popularizer of Zen, dies in Calif
November 18 Alois H?ba, Czech (opera)composer (Neuland), dies at 80
November 19 Cyril Allcott, cricketer (6 Tests for NZ, 113 runs & 6 wickets), dies
November 20 Allan Sherman, parodist (Camp Granada, Harvey & Sheila), dies at 48
November 23 Claire Dodd, actress (Ex-Lady, In the Navy), dies after illness at 64
November 23 Constance Talmadge, US comedienne (Her Primitive Lover), dies at 75
November 23 Paul Newlan, actor (Capt Grey-M Squad), dies
November 23 Robert Ellis, actor (Curse of King Tut's Tomb), dies at 40
November 23 Sessue Hayakawa, actor (Tokyo Joe), dies of cerebral thrombosis at 83
November 25 Laurence Harvey, actor (Of Human Bondage), dies of cancer at 45
November 26 Albert DiSalvo, Boston strangler, stabbed in prison
November 26 John Rostill, rocker, dies at 31
November 30 Bruce Yarnell, LA Calif, actor (Outlaws), dies at 35
December 01 David Ben-Gurion, founding father of Israel, dies in Tel Aviv at 87
December 03 Michael O'Shea, actor (Denny- It's a Great Life), dies at 67
December 04 Michael O'Shea, actor (Smart Woman), dies of heart attack at 67
December 06 Justus Hermann Wetzel, composer, dies at 94
December 06 Robert A Watson-Watt, England, physicist (radar), dies at 81
December 10 Earle Foxe, actor (Dance Fools Dance), dies at 81
December 14 Yitzhak Edel, composer, dies at 77
December 15 Orest Alexandrovich Evlahkov, composer, dies at 61
December 16 Syd Barnes, cricketer (13 Tests for Australia 1938-48), dies
December 17 Charles G Abbot, US astronomer (Sun Constant), dies at 101
December 17 Patrick Hadley, composer, dies at 74
December 18 Giulio Cesare Brero, composer, dies at 64
December 20 Bobby Darin, singer (Mack the Knife), dies of heart failure at 37
December 20 Luis Carrero Blanco, PM of Spain (1973), assassinated by ETA
December 22 Domingo Julio Gomez Garcia, composer, dies at 87
December 22 Irna Phillips, creator of 5 TV soap operas, dies at 72
December 23 Arthur Richardson, cricketer (9 Tests 1924-26), dies
December 25 Ismet In?n? [Mustapha Ismet Pasha], Turkish PM (1923..65), dies at 89
December 26 Harold B Lee, US head of Mormon Church, dies at 74
December 26 Steven Geray, actor (French Line), dies at 69
December 26 William Haines, actor (Little Annie Rooney), dies of cancer at 73
December 30 Henri-Paul Busser, composer, dies at 101